About us

We are experts producing in a smart way.

The company

We are a consultant company specialized in advisory for advertising audiovisual, graphic
and digital content projects at a regional level. We reduce costs, improve the service quality and upgrade production processes.

We provide efficiency and productivity, working side by side with the advertiser project leaders.

Our team

La Verde Pro team combines staff with expertise and professional knowledge in different fields of the audiovisual industry. We come from diverse experiences, as unique as we individually are. We share passion for audiovisual production and as a result, we make an excellent work for our clients and partners.

We are proud of our strategic and comprehensive approach to help you achieve the best for your company.

Our Guidelines


We understand the teamwork's main value. All our actions are focused on building sustainable and dynamic relationships with our clients and their partners.


We encourage new ideas to make improvements together with our clients.

Cost - Conscious culture

Strong and sustained discipline on cost attention, considering variables of quality and services.


Measuring the performance and fulfilling the expectations always committed with the excellence.

Problem solvers

Wide experience in audiovisual projects, always offering solutions to its particular challenges.


Over 10 years of experience as audiovisual, graphic and digital content consultants.

Contact us

Zapiola 4445
CABA - Argentina

+54 11 5275 - 9927


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